Dear Boys and Girls,
Good Morning!  WOW!  This is our first day for blizzard bags and this is what your day will look like.

1.     Work for 20 minutes on IXL .  Choose skills from Numbers and Comparing, Place Value or Addition.  If you are not connected to the internet or if you have lost power, you may work on the three worksheets that are in your blizzard bag.

2.     Play the Number Top-It game in your blizzard bag for about 20 minutes.

      3.    Respond to Playing with Place Value on the paper in your bag.  It should take you about 20 minutes to answer this thoughtfully.


1. Reading Activity:
Click on the following link to read the article, Introduction to Polar Regions.
You may know them as the North and South Pole!
Polar Region Article

2) Now that you are finished reading the article click on the following link and answer the questions 

 Polar Article Questions
3. Writing Response
After reading the article “Introduction to Polar Regions”, respond to the question below with 5 - 7 sentences.
What challenges face the animals living in the Polar Regions? Write about each region. Include details!
You may write your response on paper or type it on the computer and print it out. 

Today you are going to investigate how plants and animals depend on each other.

 Read the short paragraph about the food chain and complete the Hoo Eats Who activity.
 View the food chain video and play the two food chain on-line games.

Food Chains
A food chain is a description of who eats who or what
*In the picture on the left the who's are fish, and the rule that defines the food chain is that big fish eat little fish. Simple as it is, this is a good general rule.
Why should we care about food chains? Humans are animals that eat other animals. When the population of an animal that we like to eat (like salmon) decreases there can be several reasons: someone else is eating our salmon or the salmon can't find the food they normally eat. If we know who eats salmon, what salmon eat, and what those animals eat, maybe we can correct the situation and put more fish on our table.

Play this Food Chain Game
Complete this Food Chain to check your understanding of how a food chain works.

*Return all work on the next day of school and be sure to have your parent initial the checklist of assignments.



This is the place where you will find your work for blizzard bag snow days. You will find the work for the first day under the Day 1 link and the work for the second day under the Day 2 link. If our Blizzard Bag day falls on a day we would normally have a special, use the links on the side of the page to do the work for that specialist.  I will be available online if you have questions from 8:00-9:00 am and 12:30-2:30 pm. You can email me at if you have questions.